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Biodiversity Hotspots

Whitelee Moor National Nature Reserve and the Sites of Special Scientific Interest at Mill and Whiskershiel Burns, Durtrees Burn Grassland and Otterburn Mires are true gems in Redesdale’s ecological crown, as well as the recently created Nature Reserve at Benshaw Moor.

They are biodiversity hotspots and home to many rare species. They are also under threat and relatively unknown to the general public.

Through Revitalising Redesdale, Northumberland Wildlife Trust and the MoD led a programme of improvements and conservation works to ensure these sites are better preserved for future generations and to make them more accessible to the public. Northumberland Wildlife Trust will continue to undertake conservation work in Redesdale through management of their reserves at Whitelee Moor and Benshaw Moss.

Have you spotted some interesting wildlife in Redesdale?

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