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  • (left to right) - Newcastle University students (Outside) Harry Thompson, (inside) Lewis Lovedale, Reshma Upadhyaya, Olivia Ebune, Dominic Davies, and (outside) Joseph English. Photograph by Neil Denham
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Sharing Redesdale’s stories

This project aims to draw visitors to Redesdale away from the ‘pull of the border’ and to give visitors and residents alike a deeper understanding and engagement with the landscape of this historic ‘frontier land’. 

Using a range of installations, film and traditional media, the programme’s approach to interpretation is intended to engage the imagination and curiosity of the casual visitor and those who have already made an informed decision to explore the area. The approach is designed to encourage visitors to value and engage with the valley, by spending time exploring its hidden heritage. This valley-wide project supports site-based interpretation in other projects including Whitelee, Ridsdale Ironworks, Bremenium Roman Fort, and Otterburn Battlefield site, as well installations such as those planned at Whitelee and the star cairns network. 

The first installation to be delivered is at Blakehope Nick Overlook. Find out about this fantastic, collaborative project through the video below, with more details on the Blakehope Nick Overlook project page.

Experts from Forestry England, Northumbrian Water Group, Revitalising Redesdale Landscape Partnership, and Kielder Campsite share their views on the benefits of working through Kielder Water & Development Trust with Newcastle University.

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