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  • Northumberland Wildlife Trust volunteers restoring peat on Whitelee Moor, helping to hold water on the moor and reduce sedimentation downstream - February 2018
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Restoration of Habitats

In order to protect the area’s rich biodiversity for the benefit of future generations, Revitalising Redesdale are working with partners to improve the area’s resilience to future pressures including climate change. We are working on a variety of sites throughout the valley to restore carbon-rich peatland, and improving floral diversity in hay meadows, road verges, and public spaces.

Have you spotted some interesting wildlife in Redesdale?

Restoration of Habitats Projects

  • Much of the River Rede catchment flows from the blanket bogs on the high hills ...

  • Meadows were identified within Redesdale with the potential to be significantly botanically enhanced to create species ...