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For over 20 years, Go Volunteer (the volunteer department of Newcastle University Students Union) has enjoyed a close link with Rupert’s Wood in Otterburn, welcoming thousands of volunteers, children, and vulnerable adults to learn how to care for the natural world. Go Volunteer aims to create a safe and accessible place where children and young people can explore and discover trees, bugs and themselves through play, guided investigation and conservation.

We aim to help to create a fun and educational experience. Rupert’s Wood residentials are planned by student volunteers and Go Volunteer staff alongside the young people wherever possible, ensuring that each visit suits the needs of the children involved. To prepare the wood for residentials there are conservation tasks which need to be done throughout the year, so we are always looking for new volunteers to join the group.

Go Volunteer works with North East Solidarity and Teaching, who recently led a trip to Redesdale with their learners.