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Friends of Corsenside

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Friends of Corsenside are a local group who are working with the community to celebrate and protect the rich cultural heritage, landscape and wildlife of Corsenside Parish and the wider surrounding area.

The group started in 2018 when local people came together to create wildflower meadow areas at St Cuthbert’s Church, Corsenside, to enhance the churchyard for wildlife while simultaneously keeping traditional scything skills alive. With the support of Revitalising Redesdale, they participated in scythe training and started maintaining two areas of the churchyard as a traditional meadow.

Then, in 2020, the group decided they wanted to do more than just maintain the meadow areas. They planned to do a range of other activities too, including bird box building, reptile surveying, and a guided walk about some of the social history of the churchyard. They got as far as the bird box building…

…then the Covid-19 pandemic started and plans had to be put on hold.

With the pandemic came disruption, difficulties and changed priorities for many people, including some of those involved in creating and maintaining the wildflower meadow areas. However, the care of the meadow areas continued, supported by Revitalising Redesdale (read about Natasha’s experience here) and volunteers from Northumberland Wildlife Trust.

As the pandemic receded in 2021, the reptile survey planned for 2020 was rescheduled and management of the wildflower areas continued.

Then in early 2022, the group became Friends of Corsenside. They reiterated and formalised their desire to extend the scope of their activities, alongside keeping up the management of wildflower areas in the beautiful churchyard at St Cuthbert’s, Corsenside. They also extended their geographic range to Corsenside Parish and the surrounding area.

If you would like to get involved with Friends of Corsenside, and help to celebrate and protect the rich cultural heritage, landscape and wildlife of Corsenside Parish and the surrounding area, then you can sign up to their mailing list below. You can also find them on facebook or contact them by emailing


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See the Friends of Corsenside constitution here.