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The St. Cuthbert’s Three-Church Trail Group were awarded £1,634 to write and produce a guide booklet for the St. Cuthbert’s Three-Church Trail. The walking route links the three St. Cuthbert’s churches, travelling from Elsdon to Corsenside and Bellingham.

The St. Cuthbert’s Three-Church Trail Group aims to:

  • Encourage visitors and pilgrims to walk along the walking route connecting the three St. Cuthbert’s churches in Bellingham, Corsenside and Elsdon
  • Celebrate the life and inspiration of St. Cuthbert to the people of Northumberland along the walking route from Elsdon to Bellingham
  • Celebrate the cultural, historic and archaeological heritage of the St. Cuthbert’s churches and St. Cuthbert’s Well, Bellingham
  • Increase visitor numbers to the three St. Cuthbert’s churches at Bellingham, Corsenside and Elsdon, and the villages and communities along the Three Churches Walk.

Starting at Elsdon, the St. Cuthbert’s Three Church Trail goes through the beautiful landscape of Redesdale via Smoutel Ford up to Corsenside Church. After taking in the breath-taking views the Trail then drops down to West Woodburn and then on to Bellingham.

The St. Cuthbert’s Three-Church Trail takes visitors through some of the most beautiful scenery in West Northumberland. The Trail celebrates the cultural, historic, natural and archaeological heritage of this landscape.

As well as a guide for walking the Trail, the booklet helps visitors appreciate the culture, nature and history of the landscape they pass along the way. The guide is available for a donation at the three St Cuthbert’s churches and key local tourist information points and you can download the accompanying walk leaflet here or pick a copy up in Redesdale.

Revitalising Redesdale also developed 6 new walk leaflets for 18 walks in the Whitelee Moor, Redesdale Forest, Rochester, Otterburn, Elsdon and Corsenside areas – printed and distributed in early 2023 with a pdf versions available to download via our walk page.

The Revitalising Redesdale team also worked with the group to improve and install waymarking along the Trail and the river crossing improvements undertaken by the project at Smoutel Ford can also be enjoyed as part of the 3 Churches walk. Look out for this waymarker (above) along the route and there will be more to follow soon!